5 Ways to Increase Your Referrals
5 Ways to Increase Your Referrals

If you are like most businesses, referrals are like gold.  The more you have the more your income grows.  So why don’t we do everything we can to increase the number of referrals we get?

It’s because most people believe there isn’t much you can do to affect them.  And that is so not true.

Here are 5 simple things you can do that will give you more referrals in 2024.

1. Ask Existing Clients

People who have already hired you are your BEST source for more people like them.  Make it a part of your process to ask existing clients on a regular basis for introductions to people they know you can help.  Sometimes it just takes a little reminding and you would be surprised what happens.  We often recommend that the BEST time to ask for a referral from an existing client is as soon as they hire you.

2. Find a Referral Partner

Certainly, this is what the CircleBlast Network is all about, but find someone who targets the same client type as you, but is not a competitor to what you do and develop a referral relationship with one another.  Meet on a regular basis to remind each other of the type of person that is a good fit.

3. Co-Market with Another Company

Again, another CircleBlast idea, but consider partnering with another company in your space and suggest you offer a coupon or discount to his customers and you do the same for yours.  You might be shocked as to how helpful that is for each of you. Consider offering combined products and/or services to differentiate you both from the competition, and consider working together to share other costs like office supplies, etc.

4. Send out Referral Cards

Consider mailing information to contacts you have to remind them that you love referrals.  This should be something you do each quarter.  Make them fun and unique and offer something special for someone who actually does help with a referral.  Make sure you thank people who you refer so they feel appreciated.

5. State It on All Communications

On your invoice, email signature, letterhead, envelopes, etc. write “We love your referrals!”  Let everyone know and remind them often.  It’s simply the cheapest form of marketing your business.

Got any more ways you’ve been able to get referrals?  Let us know by adding to the conversation in the comments below.

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