[Video] 3 Ways to Make a Business Connection
[Video] 3 Ways to Make a Business Connection
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I wanted to talk a little bit about making connections. A lot of people struggle with knowing exactly the right way to make a connection. You know, you have two people that need to meet one another or you have a person you know who wants to meet another person you know. 
How do I do it? What’s the proper way? Well, I have three ways that I want to share with you today. And then you can determine which one is right for you. 
No Fields Found.This article is all about making connections, and I have three connection techniques that I want to share with you today. These are techniques that I use all the time. But I use them for different reasons in different situations.

The “Good People” Connection

Oftentimes there are two people that I know that need to know each other just because they’re good people. So instead of me trying to figure out how to set this up as to why they should meet with each other (Here’s what this person does and here’s what this person does. I just let them figure that all on their own. How I do it is I construct an email that just says you are both good friends of mine and really good people. And for some reason, you don’t know each other. And I want to rectify that. I think you guys need to meet and figure out how you can help each other. And you’ll both be better for it. So that’s technique number one called the Good People Connection.

The “Pre-connection” Connection. 

So I use this one in instances when a friend asks for an introduction and I’m not really sure if the other one would want to meet. So what I do is I reach out to the other person and say, hey, I’ve got a friend who wants to meet you. And here is why he wants to meet you. And here’s why I think that it could be beneficial to you. Would you like to meet him or her? And when I hear back and they say, yes, I make that connection. 
The reason that that’s so helpful is oftentimes I don’t want to be put in a position where my friend is receiving an introduction for me that they really don’t want. So I’m going to check with them ahead of time. If for some reason that person says, no thanks, I don’t think that they’d be a good fit, I can now go back to my original friend and say I checked in, but I’m just not sure right now is a good time to make that connection. But if he says, yes please, then, I connect the two of them and now they’re both expecting that and they can take action right away. So that’s number two, the Pre-connection. Connection. 

The “Random, On Purpose” Connection

So with this technique, instead of setting up an email introduction, which is what I like to do, sometimes it’s better to invite them both to a place where they would be there together – like a networking event. And that way it’s just a very casual way to make an introduction and allow the two of them to connect and figure out if it makes sense to have further discussions to see how they can help each other. 

I hope it helps you again, go out, make some connections for others, and you’ll be shocked how fast you grow your business. Take care.

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